20 Ultras for $329.00

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Ultra Bronze High Pressure Tanning

Experience the best in high-pressure tanning.  Save time with our high-tech equipment that will provide you with color immediately! 

One 18 minute treatment in the ULTRABRONZ high-pressure sunbed is equivalent to ten treatments in a conventional low-pressure bed.

Maintaining your tan has never been easier with just a few visits per month to sustain the dark golden color you love! 

Talk with our tanning consultants for tanning and lotion recommendations.  

Ultras can also be purchased in store individually for $35 each.


Tanning is the body's natural defense mechanism for protection against the sun's rays. Normally, the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days, but when exposed to high concentrations of UVB rays, or reddening rays, the body is forced to exfoliate prematurely every five to ten days. High-Pressure tanners filter out most of the UVB rays so your skin is able to maintain normal exfoliation and stay darker longer.

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