Supertan has a wide variety of UV Tanning Equipment to please each customer's needs.  We strive to have the best and latest equipment! See some of our UV sunbeds below.  


Ultrabronz 950 Series

  Save time by using our high-pressure tanners. Our high-tech equipment provides you with color results immediately! Establishing a base tan with a high-pressure bed requires only three to four. Maintaining a tan has never been easier. A few visits a month is enough to sustain the dark golden color you love!

- Ultra Bed

- 100% UVA Ray 

- Plush mattress for comfort, voice prompts you when to flip over

- 18 minute sessions

- High powered body fan




 Saturn High Pressure Booth

- Super Bed

- 20,200 watts with a high spectrum UVB

- 360 degrees of tanning in only 12 min

- Adjustable face plate

- Open concept high pressure booth




- Super Bed

- Over 13,000 Watts of power

- 800 Watt facials

- Side and shoulder tanners

- On board AC and face lamp control

- Larger surface area

- 12 minute sessions



HL Classic Leg Tanner

Contoured Acrylics

- Max session 12 minutes

- Tans around entire legs

- All metal construction for easy cleanup

- 38 lamps at 65 watts each

- Achieve even color on legs

We have several other beds to choose from in both of our locations!  Call today and talk to one of our Certified Tanning Consultants or come in for a tour.